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Any chances of a premium version of these ones? Really like them, but I wish they had more characters since I'm using them for Portuguese/Spanish games. Thanks a lot, I'm a big fan of your work!


Hi Lucas! Yeah, I got many requests for smaller fonts - I'll try to update some of these designs soon!


Looove your fonts! Do you have any plans to add the full Latin set (with accents) to this pack?

I'm glad you like them! I usually add accents and special characters to all my fonts eventually - but some of these could be too tiny to make it possible

I'll try! 

That'd be amazing if you can as I'd really like to use them in Switch 'N' Shoot! :D (the font 'Efforts' in particular)

Efforts… I would have to change the i/I - but it sounds doable! I took a note - please send me a DM on Twitter if you can, I'll keep you posted 👍

Accidentally bought the Fantasy set twice through the embedded widget :(

Hi! I've replied also on Twitter, please contact and ask for a refund - tell them to contact me if needed, I'm ok with it. 👍