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Is there any specific font sizes that the font should be set to so that it is pixel perfect? Love the font for sure!


Hey! Try 12/24pt

Thanks I tried those and they came out too small I think. 32 is the largest it can go, larger than 32 has some segmented parts haha

I’ll try in some other programs and see what it comes out like but at least for Aseprite looks like 32 is the best size.



32 looks nice, yeah - point values can be complex, as they depend from many factors (OS settings, software, etc)!


Really cute font, might use it!


Ooo! Love how chunky and cute this is! Chunky fonts are always some of my favorite to find and design!

Beautiful fonts as always, cheers from a fellow pixel artist!


Thanks! I appreciate it~✨


Such a cute typeface! This is great work!


Thank you! I'm glad you like it.