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Thanks for releasing this! I'm using it as the main font for a platformer I'm making.

Thanks for using my font!!

Love the font! Well done <3

I am getting some strange rendering issues when using the font on Android devices in a website (HTML context).

It renders fine at some font-sizes, but at others it has a weird line effect going through the text. For instance, rendering at 19px on Chrome (Google Pixel 7) causes this strange effect.

Any help would be appreciated, cheers!

Hey there! I'm glad you like it~✨

I generally suggest 12pt (and multiples) to make sure the font renders sharp, but that depends from many factors (including OS, software etc).

With pixel fonts, using uneven sizes can create artifacts / make everything look blurry and badly upscaled.

Thanks for the response. 

It definitely is a strange effect, even on 12pt multiples there appears to be some render issues (using HTML).

I will keep trying and see if there is a browser related issue.