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Hey, same person who commented about the "Quit" font. Probably going to use this one in the same project. <3

I have one recommendation (though I'm not sure how niche it is) -- it would be lovely for people like me if the characters in the PNG file were arranged in ASCII order. If you look up "UTF-8 character table" you'll see the order I mean. It's not a huge deal since I can just rearrange each character once I have them implemented, but just something to consider!

Thanks for your suggestion! I opted for a more human-parsable sequence (you can find the whole list in the included txt). My charset doesn't include all the characters from the ASCII table (I left a few obscure ones out).

Fair enough, tis all good!

font looks good

hey thanks!

Hey hey! I just wanted to say I'm a big fan of collecting fonts for my various game projects, and I've been snapping up as much as I can manage of yours as I can get them. I think Vest is super gorgeous so I had to get it! I also have my eye on Manticore once my budget clears up a little.

I don't have a project serious enough to request such yet, but I'll totally keep you in mind for font commissions! I can't always find the right mood I'm looking for in font form, so having something particular to call on would be mighty handy ^^


Sure, anytime! Thanks for your kind words.