Wrong Rite: necromancer's apprentice!

Combine your reagents to summon 13 different undead monsters.
Your progress will be saved in a spellbook.

Special thanks to Pierre Bondoerffer for the excellent music theme!
This game is free but I appreciate your support. <3

For info/questions: @somepx / info@somepx.com

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Published87 days ago
AuthorEeve Somepx
Tags8-bit, Touch-Friendly
Average durationA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen

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This game was alot of fun, I love the soundtrack in it, but I definitely didnt finish it. Still very fun!

Thanks for the video! Do you have a Twitter account?

yes I do as a matter of fact! I'm not home right now to copy a link, but on my YouTube channels page, there is a link to get there from in the channel art! Plus, the twitter name is the channel name, as well as the sameness profile picture, hard to miss haha

I can only summon the skeleton. Nothing else seems to unlock :/

Try bone / hand / teeth, you probably didnt try the right combinations ;)

That didn't work. I've tried playing on Safari and Chrome.

Have you tried Hand, Bone, Jaw? ;)