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First of all thank you very much for your work 🥰.

There are some letters in this font that are quite a bit missing for a complete set. The missing letters are variations with dots and dashes etc.

ґєії ҐЄІЇ ąćęłńśźż ĄĆĘŁŃŚŹŻ

Can you please update the current font a bit, suggest a similar one you have with these letters, or release another pixel font with them. I’d be happy with any option, although at the moment I like this font the most.

Hello! All my new pixel fonts support Ukrainian and Polish (and Turkish, Hungarian, etc).

You can find them all on my main page (, they're the one on top, with the "windows-like" graphic, "Passage" for example.

I may update this font too eventually! Thanks for your kind words~✨

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‘Passage 7’ is much less fantasy-like.

No other similar options, bought it 🤷.

Thanks, I appreciate it! I'll update Empire soon.

The game fonts are brilliant! 😀


Thank you!

This is the ONE! Gothic but still legible, dramatic but utilitarian. Instant buy, thanks Somepx!

Thanks, my kind duck friend <3

Ooh this is VERY nice. I think I know which font I'm going to pick up when I start my next big project! :)

Thanks!! I appreciate it.